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'"We Can't Use a Rock 'n Play?! NOW WHAT?"  Tips for Transitioning Out of the Rock 'n Play'

10.22.19 by Kirsten

We all know someone who has had a baby that just "can't be put down" or "won't sleep without being held." Or worse... has severe reflux or GERD and needs to be inclined after every single feed to be comfortable. It should then come as no surprise, that parents turn to a variety of infant sleep products hoping for a reprieve.

Millions of Moms and Dads have turned to the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play, after long, sleepless nights, with the hopes that it would bring some kind of rest.   Yet, those who have used the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play  in the past, have likely let out a collective sigh of relief that no harm has came to their child(ren) while using it, due to the recent recall of the Rock 'n Play.

But ask anyone who has used it in the past, and they will likely tell you it was a "lifesaver." And it's no secret that when parents find a solution that works, they tell everyone they know! So now we have a second wave of parents struggling with the same sleep issues, and a recall telling them, "that product that worked for a bunch of people you know, well... it's off limits."

"So if I can't use a Rock 'n Play, now, what am I going to do?! My baby, refuses to sleep unless held or upright! We've used that since day 1!"

--- Lots of Parents Right Now

Sound familiar?

The good news is, with a bit of patience, consistency and some of the tips below, you can transition your little one.  

  • Start the transition right away
  • If they are under 4 months, and not rolling over, swaddle them snugly.  Try an arms in sleep sack.
  • Choose a sleep space for your baby that is flat like a crib or bassinet. While avoiding positioners or other sleep products.
  • If your baby has trouble being placed down onto the surface, remember to go slow and lie them down toes first, then bum, and finally head, all while keeping one hand firmly on their chest.
  • Surface too cold? Place a heating pad on medium and remove before placing baby down for sleep.
  • White noise machine, fan or white noise app like GUVA on an old smart phone. 
  • Keep it dark
  • Find a bedtime routine that works for you, and stick to it!
  • Follow the AAP Guidelines and talk to your child's pediatrician.

Want more sleep tips or a personalized sleep plan for you and your baby? Utilize our Pediatric Sleep Consulting service! More info here!

Ohio Baby Co. wants to support you in every way possible, even during these tough transitions.  Contact us at ohiobabyco@gmail.com or visit our website and follow us on IG and FB @ohiobabyco.

I "Let the Light In," and Brunched with a Mommy Life Coach

7.14.19 by Kirsten 

Aaaaaaaand YUP, I totally tore it up! Well actually I think I was fairly "lady like!" But look at all of the deliciousness!

Before I tell you about the wonderful food, and even better conversation, I want to share with you how this all came to be!  When Caroline and I decided to launch Ohio Baby Co., we made a promise to ourselves and each other, to only work with other like minded businesses, women, and complementary services.  We only want THE BEST for our clients, so when we have a recommendation for another service or product, you can trust it has passed the "Would Kirsten and Caroline use this product or services for themselves or their own families?" test. 

Shortly after we launched in Dec 2018, we connected with an amazing woman Kami Wernimont, who is a real life LIFE COACH and business owner of  Let the Light In . 100% transparency here: I got lost down the Instagram rabbit whole, and found some of her content and was hooked! There was no doubt this woman was passionate about serving women, especially moms, so I knew there was a common ground.  Thankfully we were able to meet, and network, and continue interacting and building a strong, professional relationship.

In addition to being a Life Coach for the busy, modern day woman (or mom!), she also uses her retreat home (not her permanent residence) to host various events like, mom retreats for individuals or groups, brunches and more! These also often include some coaching time.  The setting is so wonderful and lovely, the views are some of the best Ohio has to offer, and the coziness of the cabin, really makes relaxing and enjoying the midwestern peace and quiet, simple!

This weekend I was fortunate to receive an invitation to a brunch hosted by Kami, and even more fortunate to be in a group of some really amazing women, who broke bread and shared in some lovely discussions.  Among the ladies were a pre and postnatal massage therapist, a children's book author, a medical professional at a local Central Ohio hospital, a fitness coach and so many more inspirational ladies, I consider myself fortunate to have met.  Kami is like this magical LIGHT that good people flock to.  Plus the food was unbelievable.  Fresh fruit, salads, quiches (Mom, you'd actually have liked this!), juice, coffee, tea, and cinnamon coffee cake!!

I left the brunch with a full belly, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and an extra pep in my step, feeling incredibly uplifted and enthusiastic after an early afternoon with Kami and her gal pals.  She is a gift all moms deserve.  She can really help you put things into a wonderful perspective that is also realistic.  I encourage everyone to go check out her page, and inquire about some of her events, retreats, or coaching sessions (for groups or individuals)!!

Thanks again Kami for a wonderful day

XO Kirst!!

Postpartum Essentials- DOLLAR TREE hack!

7.2.19 by Kirsten 

OH MAMA, yes we did!  

I see it all of the time; after mom and baby are home from the hospital, the realization kicks in.... "We have everything we need for baby, but nothing for MOM!"

If you invite me to a baby shower, you're basically going to get everything pictured above, in addition to something from your registry.  Why would someone bring pads and anti poop- your- pants- pills?! Because, like it or not, you'll probably need most of these! And while everyone else might only be thinking of baby, MAMA... I got your back!

Let me break this down. After a mother delivers her baby, she will have her own set of special needs.  File this under the "stuff they don't tell ya" tab. But why this stuff and why Dollar Tree?  Finding a one stop shop for a majority of her needs, can be so helpful for sleep deprived dads and partners.   Plus, these basic everyday items are nearly ALWAYS on the shelves at DT! There was only ONE item missing from the shelves when I wrote this post, and it was because they SOLD OUT!

What I always include:

Water Bottle- must... have... water! Moms need to have that water handy and portable at all times! I especially like BPA free bottles, that are not glass, so there's no worry about shattered glass if it topples over in the middle of the night! Go for the biggest they got, this one's a 22 ouncer! 

Tissues - I especially love the travel packs, one for each place she may feed the baby, one for the diaper bag, one for the car... anywhere!

Shower Cap- Because when mom finally gets a chance to take a bath or shower, she may really not want to wash her hair!!!

Epsom Salts- Speaking of baths, when mom gets the clearance to soak in the tub, these lavender scented salts are SO nice to soak in.  Even if its just to soak her swollen feet.  (YEAH, feet can be swollen after delivery for a small window!)

Hand Sanitizer- duh! (maybe get a few for her to sprinkle around the house so EVERYONE gets the picture!

Lip Balm- Many of my clients mention their lips are drier than ever after coming home from the hospital.  And while I always suggest to pack lip balm in your hospital bag, remember you'll need it at home too.  Gots to keep those lips soft for all of those baby smooches!

Lansinoh Pads- Did you know they had these at the Dollar Tree?!?!?!?!?! Well they do, and you get 3 pair! This is the perfect sample size for a mom to have to try or to toss in the diaper bag! Even if mom will not be breastfeeding, guess what.... she will still likely leak breast milk shortly after delivery! 

Ibuprofen - Now that she's delivered the baby, she is no longer limited to Tylenol only! The aches and pains from delivery, the soreness of the breasts, and the cramping (yes there is cramping from the uterus shrinking back to normal size, and its worse with each subsequent child) can be treated by ibuprofen, and it is safe while breastfeeding too! (check with your doctor before taking anything!)

Anti-diarrheal tabs- Lots of people know that having a BM after delivery can be.. well.. challenging.  And for those issues we suggest Colace (which is not at dollar tree).  However, very few people are aware of the surprising urgency of the poops!  Loose stools can occur in the postpartum period, especially in the 10-14 days that follow, due to hormonal changes from delivery.  Believe me, it can come on quick and urgent.  Its nice to have these handy! (again check with your doctor before taking any medications).

Hair Bands- I'm convinced there is some portal somewhere that sucks in hair ties, bobby pins, and socks.  If you ever find out where they all go, can you let me know.  Till then, dollar tree has the cutest hair ties that look like a lollipop!

Witch Hazel & Pads - one word... padscicles .. these are pads that are unfolded, and sprinkled with some water and witch hazel, folded back up and stored in a plastic bag in the freezer.  Whenever she's a bit sore down below, these provide some quick relief. 

Ear Buds- again with the black hole taking our things and never giving them back! These are perfect for when baby needs held and rocked and mom needs Netflix.

Ice Pack- This is something that can be used for YEARS down the line.  Perfect for filling with ice and using for postpartum headaches (yes those can be a thing) and other body aches or postpartum swelling.

Honorable Mentions- These are other items I would also consider adding to the essentials list: Ear Plugs, a temporary HOT pack, cozy socks for winter deliveries, her favorite candy!

What else would you like to add to this list?! email ohiobabyco@gmail.com to let us know!  XO Kirst!