NICU Support

Not everything goes according to plan and that includes childbirth. Some babies are born early or sick and need extra medical attention from one of our local NICUs. This is a very stressful time for new parents and the family as a whole. Ohio Baby Co feels NICU parents deserve additional support during this time. We offer parents an opportunity to have an extra set of loving hands available for your precious baby.

NICU parents can find themselves running from one hospital to another, back to home, possibly work and caring for other family members.  This leaves very little time for recovery from childbirth or your necessary rest.  In order to take good care of your baby/babies, you must care for yourself as well.

Having a baby in a different hospital was so difficult, but knowing Kirsten was visiting him gave me some peace.  She read to him and snuggled him and sent me lots of pictures! I know he was well taken care of.

-Delaware, OH Mom

  • As a 2 time NICU mom, I understand the need for extra support during this time. You want to be with your new baby every moment but you are also recovering from childbirth and might have other children at home. You are exhausted both emotionally and physically. Let us help your family - Caroline Nagy, Co Founder Ohio Baby Co.

NICU parents will be required to contact the NICU to add your Ohio Baby Co. doula to your visit rotation.  You may also be required to share your hospital care code with your doula.

NICU visits are $25 per hour. At this time there is no limit on visit duration.

Some families can transfer their NICU Support care to In Home Support care with Ohio Baby Co. if they are discharged as non medically fragile infants.

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