Pediatric Sleep Consulting

Healthy Sleep Habits are possible!

Like exercise and nutrition, SLEEP is a crucial part of overall wellness.  That is true for children of all ages. 

Sleep consulting does NOT always equal "cry it out" sleep training

Sleep Consulting Can help with:

  • Learning your child's biological sleep needs
  • Setting healthy sleep habits from infancy
  • Difficulty settling for naps or bed time
  • Excessive overnight wakings
  • Waking too early
  • Trouble staying in bed/room through the night
  • Too much day sleep, too little night sleep
  • Nap refusal
  •  Night Terrors, fears around bed time
  • and more...

Kirsten has been a blessing to our family... she even helped with REsleep training our 1-yr old and it worked like a charm. Baby whisperer!!

-- Worthington, OH Mom


Packages Available:

A) 1 hour phone consultation  $175    (in home consults available upon request, quote provided before visit)

B) Phone call, written assessment, personalized plan based upon parenting goals, child's biological needs, environment and temperament, and 10 days unlimited text/email/phone support   $400 

C) Package B plus Ohio Baby Co. will come over and implement the plan for you! $400 plus $35/hr in home

Click here to download and complete the intake form.  Upon completion, please email the form to subject: sleep consultation package A or B, and we will be in touch within 24 hours. 

Sleep Consultation Intake Form